Thursday, 22 November 2018

A peachy exhibition 🍑🍑🍑

Olivia Brazier's new exhibition, Les Pêcheuses (fisherwomen), uses witty French wordplay to link the fruity subject of the art (peaches / pêches) with the name of the venue, the Galerie des Pêcheurs (fishermen). As with her November 2017 show in Monaco, Olivia's current collection uses collage and painting techniques to create images that explore the link between the female body and language used to describe it. In this exhibition cut-outs of women taken from porn magazines have been paired with peaches.

The larger works have been transferred onto silk, the smaller ones onto tile-sized wooden blocks. Some have a slightly fuzzy, distressed finish, giving the impression that they have been rescued from a deserted Italian villa. A peach-coloured palette, with earthy umbers, ochres and siennas suggests warm, balmy days.

There are images of hands and arms adorned with jewellery which appear to be tied to the fruit with lines, giving a sense of constraint. But we also see subjects surrounded by foliage and flowers, enjoying freedom and sensuality, the type of women who are certainly not fishes in the sea, waiting for fishermen to reel them in.

Check out Olivia Brazier's work at:

Les Pêcheuses exhibition, 16 November-30 January 2019:
  • Galeries des Pêcheurs
    Parking des Pêcheurs, levels 1 and 2
Open 24/7, accessible from down escalators at 4 avenue St Martin and from car park at Chemin des Pêcheurs

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